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Dickinson Family of Businesses

Dickinson Fuel/Payne- Gallatin
6,700 square feet

As the finishing touches were completed on the exterior and on the first floor, work on the third floor of the former B&B Loans building began.  Initially, their new offices on the third floor was not apart of the renovation plan.  However, as the first floor was wrapping up, rolling into the third floor made sense and displays how the design-build methodology can benefit a phased project. The new home to the Dickinson Family of Businesses, the third floor provides each company their own space while maintaining the same address to allow for cross company collaboration.  Locally sourced natural wood accents the space and multiple windows flood the space with natural light; creating a professional yet comforting space to work. 

Upon the completion of this project, the Dickinson Family was recognized by the Charleston Area Alliance and received the We Love Our Community: Best Preservation Award.  Pray was proud to be a partner throughout this project and assist in the restoration of this building. 

*Interior design completed by Susan Farley*

3rd Floor Work Space
3rd Floor
3rd Floor Breakroom
Conference Room