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Retail & Restaurant

Dealership and Restaurant

Pray Construction made its start in the world of retail and restaurant construction. In the mid-1980s, Kay Jewelers chose Pray Construction as a partner and together we opened roughly 200 stores in 26 states across the country. For the next ten years, we built for Kay Jewelers from the East Coast to California. This work started in the Town Center Mall where we also worked for Steak Escape, Chili’s and Everything Yogurt.  In the early to mid-1990s McDonald’s partnered with Pray Construction to build indoor playground facilities called Leaps and Bounds in Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Ohio locations.

This work was followed by high end retail shops, starting with the Greenbrier Hotel where we built the Polo Ralph Lauren store and a few others. The relationship with Polo Ralph Lauren blossomed and Pray built their new stores in resorts around America, including Oklahoma, Palm Springs, Miami Beach and the Broadmoor in Colorado. For nearly 20 years Pray Construction partnered with Petroleum Products and their One Stop gas stations and stores. Our strong relationship with the owners continues though they sold their businesses in 2014.